We build and invest in real estate technology.

Real estate is a $200 trillion global asset class. It's also one of the last remaining service industries yet to be truly reshaped by technology. And it’s our view that the creation of end-to-end experiences is the next frontier.

The future of real estate is connected.

Over the past two decades, innovation across the real estate space has found itself hamstrung by growing levels of product fragmentation and complexity. This has meant that an era marked by bold promises of digital transformation is yet to deliver on its true potential.

It is our view that meaningful digital innovation in real estate is not only a question about what one can build - but more about how one can bring products, technologies and people together with coherence, simplicity and purpose.

That's why we created Castle One.

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It’s about creating integrated experiences – where everybody wins.

Consumer journeys in the real estate space are shaped by a number of role-players, suppliers, disciplines and regulatory frameworks. The result is that truly customer-centric product innovation is difficult and many essential ingredients to meaningful change remain beyond the reach of innovators.

Add to this the economics and risks involved in doing something new – and you have an industry with a sincere desire to move forward, but limited vehicles to get there.

Castle One was created to overcome these challenges.

It is our conviction that frictionless, end-to-end experiences are only possible when you bring enough like-minded people, products and companies under one roof.

Our investment themes
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The team.

  • Jono Rawson
    Jono Rawson
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Mark Forrester
    Mark Forrester
    Co-Founder & Advisory
  • Nic Pullen
    Nic Pullen
  • Anja van Staden
    Anja van Staden
  • Mark Butress
    Mark Butress
  • Bill Paladino
    Bill Paladino
  • We’re a family of companies, operating with purpose & autonomy.

  • Prop Data. An end-to-end platform, trusted by thousands of real estate agents, to launch, manage and successfully market their businesses online.

  • reOS. An intelligent, virtualized banking infrastructure facilitating rental payments automation and portfolio management.

  • Ekaya. A seamless, bank-integrated tenant verification platform, offering users intelligent insights and value-added products.

  • Leap. A boutique financial services company focused on innovative solutions for the rental domain and other niche real estate verticals.

    coming soon.

Co-creators & collaborators

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Come collaborate with us.

If you're doing something new in the 'proptech' space, we'd love to hear from you. Our philosophy is that the only thing more powerful than an idea is a collaboration - especially when there's coffee involved.

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We’re always on the lookout for new talent.

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If you get excited by languages like Scala, REACT, Laravel, Python and Java and want to help build some impactful property technology systems, then please connect with us.